Processes, conversations, and projects towards sustainable and just communities

Karen Hurley, PhD  is committed to supporting communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals in their processes, conversations and projects that are dedicated to creating ecologically sound and socially just communities.

Her work takes the form of collaborative social innovation through facilitating and leading:

  • visioning, and associated action planning, processes and documents,
  • creative decision-making and problem solving processes,
  • strategic planning and scenario planning for organizations, institutions, governments (including First Nations) based on preferred futures and building on community assets,
  • watershed and environmental planning based in community process,
  • meaningful and enjoyable community engagement processes structured on creativity, respect, and compassion,
  • capacity building/training in watershed planning and environmental impact assessment preparation, review and analysis,
  • staff training in visioning, alternative futures, scenario building,
  • advising film/media projects on creating ecologically sound and socially just futures as well as in the process itself.

Please contact Karen to discuss your ideas and how she can be of service.

karenhurley [at ] shaw [dot] ca








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  1. Thank you very much for this post, Everyday we see huge change and progress

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