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Envisioning Sustainable and Just Futures: a soulful journey beyond the negativity bias with Karen Hurley PhD


We need positive futures visions, at the personal and community levels, to guide and motivate our actions in the present.  But our envisioning is challenged by the ‘negativity biases’ in our brains (as revealed recently by neuroscience) the overwhelmingly negative images of the future in films and other media, and the relentless doom and gloom from the science world.  Despite these challenges, our spirits dare to hope and desire a world where humans and nature are flourishing. It is from this desire for a just and sustainable world that we will collaboratively explore our visions of diverse futures.


In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the dominant imagery in the media that is limiting our personal and collective imaginations and of the neuroscience research that has demonstrated the ways our brains have evolved to react more quickly and powerfully to negative situations. And, importantly, participants will develop tools and strategies to move past the negativity and learn how to really take in the positive.  This will enable us to take a courageous leap into envisioning ecologically sound and socially just communities as well as to see our personal roles in the joyful journey towards sustainable futures.


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